Was ist die Realitaet?

Park, die Sonne scheint, B sitzt auf ihre Mate und macht Yoga, A beobachtet sie.

A-Bist du Yogamaster?

B- Ja, ahahah, in der Freizeit.

A-Was meinst du damit?

B-Na ja, ich habe Yoga im Studio eine Weile gemacht, aber dann treibe ich es jeden Tag auch zu Hause, sonst werde ich verruckt. Mein Kopf arbeitet die ganze Zeit, ich denke viel zu viel.

A-Wie? Arbeitest du mit deinem Kopf?

B-Ja ich habe Philosophie studiert.

A-Ich haette eine Frage dann, schon lange habe ich diese Frage im Kopf.

B dreht sich um.

Nach einer halbe Stunde.

B kommt sie entgegen

B-Sorry ich habe eine Frage: Was ist die Realitaet?

A-aahhah Das ist aber eine gute Frage.

Die Realitaet ist eine so komplexe Mischung von Erscheinungen, dass wir als Menschen nur ein kleines Spektrum davon wahrnehmen koennen. Das Gehirn uebersezt die Phaenomenen und entscheidet was wichtig und unwichtig ist, aber jeder Mensch erlebt es anders.

Wir schaffen uns die Realitaet.

B-Oh. (ohne Woerter)

Das ist aber krass.

A-Ich muss aber gehen, einen schoenen Tag noch.


Nach zwei Stunde A geht durch die Strassen und trifft wieder B.

A-Also hast du dauereber nachgedacht was wir gesagt haben?

B-Ja aber warum gehst du gleich weg?

A-Ich muss gehen, aber wenn du nicht darueber nachgedacht haettest, haetten wir uns garnicht mehr getroffen…Oder?


mister X

Mister X was a guy attending philosophy with me in Venice.
I remember the way he used to dress, adidas gym trousers and a white suit jacket. Actually he had two jackets, the white one and a light blue one, weared for important occasions.
I don’t remember where I met him the first time, if it was at the do draghi in campo Santa Marghe, or at Bar Rosso, in one of those crazy wednesday evening, when everybody was so drunk talking to people that on the thursday morning wouldn’t be able to recognize each other, even after 4 hours conversations about aliens, Mike Patton and Nietzsche
He was blonde and had blue eyes. 
He approached me commenting my outfit, I was dressed like shit, he said.
I was impressed, this sentence spoken by someone wearing gym trousers and a white suit jacked, that comment was sounding like a projection.
I met him after a while along the strada nuova.
He didn’t have a place to stay, He begged me to host him on my sofa, otherwise he would had slept on the Rialto Bridge.
I say, ok, but don’t talk to much when we wake up in the morning, I fucking hate that.
So we became friends, but every time I met him, He wanted to invite me for a couple of drinks, to pay off for my kindness.
Those “a couple of drinks” always ended up with us mumbling nonsese on the drinks menu.

He never attended a class of contemporary philosophy, the day of the exam we bombed into each other.
He was wearing the light blue jacket. 
-Elena how are you? Did you go out yesterday for the Carnival?-
-Carnival? I don’t go out for those mass festivals, I was at home studying Adorno and the post Hegelian.-
-You are so boring. It was great, I ended up at this party and we drunk like hell.-
-Don’t tell me this, I’m trying to forget the last two weeks spent at the Querini with headache while reading Husserl, did you prepare that?-
-Honestly? I opened the summary of our book 2 days ago for the first time, I pointed my finger and read the most important chapters…-
-Ok I’m going first to do this oral exam, see you later.-
After one hour He came out with his red face.
-And so?-
-So what?-
-How did it go?-
-Well he gave me 27 and told me not to ever appear in front of him, at the end he throw the mark book on my face cursing in a mysterious language.-
-God 27 is not bad! 30 is the best…How did you get to do that?-
-I told you…I pointed my finger and studied the most important chapters and…I’m a very good actor.-

a dream

Lascia che il tuo spirito vaghi oltre la notte
chiudi gli occhi e inizia a vedere con la mente
luoghi sconosciuti accorrono in sogno

We’re not born to change the world
you just need to release and be free

Let your spirit wander beyond the night
close your eyes and see with your mind
unknown pleausure rushing in a daydream
release your breathe, increase the self

Let your spirit wander beyond the light
pure awareness filling in without sight
unknown places you may visit one day
surrender and fall beyond the line

Red hair

Red hair, red hair
I see you coming all along the way
tall, full of grace but shivering
your eyes are like skittish horses
they never rest, trying to escape
in my heart a bliss of gratitude

Red hair, Red hair,
you’re guessing where am I coming from
you say you were born here
but your accent betrays you

Red hair, red hair,
we’re here sitting in a bar
and you ask me: What am I supposed to do?
you won’t tell your name,
I guess you’re someone important

Red hair, Red hair
you spy me when I turn my back
I’m talking with my man
he’s got some snow on his finger
and he want me to lick it
I try not to do it, but at the end I do it
I turn you on I know

Red hair, Red hair
you listen what I say to my friend
you want to know something about me
you talk with my man, both with the hat
it is like to take a look into the mirrow

Red hair, Red hair
you caress my face and say:
oh this eyes, oh this eyes
and then you go away.

An old friend

meet an old friend at the same bar
you know for a while I’ve been gone
after I gave up all my bad habits
quit smoking and drinking like hell
quit the negative speeches
I’m asking myself what am I doing here

incontrare una vecchia amica al bar
dopo essere discesi e risaliti dagli inferi
ho lasciato tutte le mie cattive abitudini
ho smesso te, il fumo e l’alcool
ho smesso di lamentarmi con la birra in mano
sono qui che mi chiedo
che cosa ci faccia io qui seduta a bere te con latte
e i punk che si lamentano degli hipsters e degli omologati
e io che bevo te all’inglese e mi gratto e sbuffo per il fumo

incontrare una vecchia amica al bar
e non vedere l’ora di scollare il culo dalla sedia
lei mi guarda dispiaciuta,
sai devo andare a kung fu scusami e
poi non fumo e il fumo mi dà fastidio